Success Stories

"I recommend the FOCUS Group as highly as any consultant I have ever worked with. Brad and team are completing our second campaign, which has raised almost $50 million against our goal of about $36 million. The last campaign we ran, our first, had a goal of $10 million and was also over-raised.

The FOCUS Group combines wisdom with clarity. Wisdom in that they have a clear set of steps from what roles must be defined and steps taken before the campaign to set you up for success. Their steps are proven over scores of campaigns from small to large. They also provide you with the systems tools you will need for success if you need them. Clarity comes from their willingness to tell the truth even when it is hard. They are kind and great to work with for sure, but they will not shy away from telling you how to reach your goal and what impediments you are putting up to doing so.

I mentioned great to work with. These folks are smart, missional, and super fun! I really enjoy working with them and absolutely recommend them as highly as possible."
Andrew R. Ginsberg, Vice President-Director of Advancement, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA
"Where do you begin as a 65-year old institutional membership association seeking to raise capital that will take your organization to a whole new level? We had virtually no donors, no strategy, frankly, no business attempting such an endeavor--except the clear prompting that God was up to something. I am so grateful we enlisted the help of The FOCUS Group. Brad Layland, Ted Rodgers, and their colleagues helped us refine our case; develop strategy; research, rehearse, and refine major donor appeals; craft campaign communications; and much more.

We are especially appreciative of Brad and his team's evident belief in and practice of biblical generosity. Their partnership in faith combined with their steady insistence upon execution and follow-through kept us on course and on task. Thanks be to God, we surpassed our campaign goal by a healthy margin but, more importantly, we grew our faith and that of our member institutions through the process. We could not have done it without The FOCUS Group."
Ralph Enlow, Jr., President, Association for Biblical Higher Education
"While serving at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, we launched a $54 million capital campaign. About half way through the campaign, I knew we needed some help so we sought campaign counsel from Bill Hautt and The FOCUS Group. We were thoughtfully trained and counseled in capital campaign strategies and management. The end of the story is that the campaign ended on time, above goal and under budget. "
Barry H. Corey, President, Biola University
"The help of The FOCUS Group has been invaluable. You came alongside our Capital Campaign Manager and gave her the training, encouragement and guidance that she needed in a manner that was sensitive, insightful and respectful. We deeply appreciate your expertise and the way you freely shared it with us. Your eagerness to help us succeed was very evident and much appreciated."
Major James Baker, Corps Officer, The Salvation Army Bremerton Corps
"The M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust is committed to building the capacity and improving the quality of organizations within the nonprofit community. The FOCUS Group, has contributed a great deal…each year its training and coaching expertise help selected organizations significantly improve their fund development efforts. The success of The FOCUS Group has led to stronger organizations, which will ultimately mean that the communities in which we live will be better served. "
Terry Stokesbary, Senior Program Director, The M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust
"Working with The FOCUS Group has been one of the best professional experiences of my life. Our past two campaigns have been successful due to your fine leadership and wise counsel. Thank you for the expertise, wisdom, and professionalism consistently expressed through The FOCUS Group. It is my pleasure to highly recommend your service to others. Your experiences and ability to assess strengths and weaknesses has fortified our school. We have experienced growth and vision due to the organizational thinking of The FOCUS Group. Thank you for partnering with us."
F. Stewart Edwards, Jr., President, French Camp Academy
"Thank you once again for your excellent teaching – I know I feel more equipped and ready to ask now. And thanks for your example of generosity in sharing your time – which you have little of – with organizations that can’t afford you. Really grateful that you are helping to make our team flourish."
Emily Solway, Advisor to the President, The Bowery Mission & Kids With Promise