Prospect Research

FOCUS on Research

Prospect Research maximizes fundraising by honing in on the top prospects for your mission. We create in-depth profiles with a clear, long-range look at potential silent or active partners for your organization. We help you identify prospects most likely to invest in and be an important part of what you’re doing.

The three levels of prospect research services include:

Generosity Screening

The first level is a basic screening for large lists of prospects that provides an overall generosity rating and giving capacity for each prospect based on their financial capacity.


The second level is a concise look at an individual donor’s wealth summary, real estate, profession, private companies, public securities, nonprofit affiliations and charitable donations.  This level is for a select number of the best prospects identified by the Generosity Screening.


Level three is a thorough look at a donor and the donor’s family, education, wealth summary, real estate, private companies, public securities, nonprofit affiliations and charitable donations. It’s a profile of a person that goes far beyond the “snapshot” data to give the big picture of your prospect.   This level is for a refined subset of your list identified as your highest priority prospects after reviewing the Snapshot reports.