• Cultivating Leadership

    Whether staff or volunteers, strong leadership is essential to development.

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  • Taking Donors Seriously

    Building relationships with donors over time is at the very core of the fundraising process.

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  • How can we help?

    The FOCUS Group customizes our services to meet your organization's unique needs.

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  • Considering a Capital Campaign?

    The FOCUS Group takes clients through a carefully-crafted campaign strategy, driven by the experience our firm has to offer, yet individually tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

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Advancement Counsel

We provide counsel on specific tasks to help with raising annual funds or to sharpen engagements with major donors.

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Advancement Training

Taking Donors Seriously® lays out a set of principles (rather than tactics) and teaches practices that apply the principles.

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Capital Campaigns

We will serve to prepare and guide you through a campaign tailored to the ethos of your organization.

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Foundation Services

We provide targeted research, high quality grant writing, and strategic counsel conducted by experienced consultants and writers.

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Prospect Research

We create in-depth profiles to help you identify prospects most likely to invest in and be an important part of what you’re doing.

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TDS® Online

Whiteboard video segments complete with practical assignments to engage with the material in the trainee’s environment and situation.

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Why Us


The mission of The FOCUS Group is to serve nonprofits in raising capital and cultivating major donors. Since 1982, The FOCUS Group has been resolute in our “FOCUS,” having developed marketing strategies, leadership principles, capital campaign management tools, and a variety of systems and processes to help clients be successful in reaching their goals ahead of schedule and below budget.

The FOCUS Group believes that building relationships with donors over time is at the very core of the fundraising process. Ongoing relationships give donors opportunities to play significant roles in the advancement of causes they believe in. To maximize donors’ impact, a nonprofit must know the donors. That is, know who the donors are, what kinds of roles they might play, when they can give and when they can’t, and when they can volunteer and when they can’t.

The FOCUS Group works with clients to articulate the case for giving, develop leadership, clarify and grow a prospect list, develop strategies, and build a plan. We focus on the fundamentals that are grounded in principles and experience learned through advising many clients in varied situations.

Who We Help

Success stories

Working with The FOCUS Group has been one of the best professional experiences of my life. Our past two campaigns have been successful due to your fine leadership and wise counsel. Thank you for the expertise, wisdom, and professionalism consistently expressed through The FOCUS Group. It is my pleasure to highly recommend your service to others.

F. Stewart Edwards, Jr., President, French Camp Academy

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